Understanding: Home Buying in a Pandemic

Understanding: Home Buying in a Pandemic

If you are experiencing lifestyle changes due to the pandemic, you aren’t alone. Much has changed about how we are living and working, but people are still successfully buying and selling homes. There are a few things you should know about how I have adjusted my processes to ensure safety for myself and my home buyers:

You can still tour a home in person

For the first few months of the pandemic, showing homes in person was not allowed. We relied solely on virtual tours & photos. Beginning in May we were given the okay to resume in person home tours within specific safety guidelines. I have been successfully & safely showing my clients prospective homes. It is different, but it works!

Homes are selling quickly 

The number of homes on the market is sparse and the number of people interested in relocating is high.  (If you are also needing to sell the home you’re in, this is a great time!) As a home buyer this is a time to prepare a strong offer when you find a property that fits your needs. I can help you structure an offer that is within your desired price bracket, fits your timeline, and appeals to home sellers.

Flexibility is key

There are many new uncertainties in the home buying process, but buyers & sellers alike, as well as with inspections & loans. Buying a home right now can be done smoothly & successfully when all parties are flexible and open to creative solutions as challenges arise. I have experience navigating these situations with my clients and facilitating a smooth experience for all parties.
The best time to buy a home is when you are ready. If you’re ready now, I’d love to help you navigate the process.

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