Top 3 Reasons to Invest in the Sonoma County Real Estate Market

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in the Sonoma County Real Estate Market


My Top 3 Reasons to Invest in the Sonoma County Real Estate Market

The heart of wine country continues to be rated as one of the top 100 list of places to live in the USA

So you want to invest in Sonoma County Real Estate? With steady growth and healthy rebounds from economic recessions for the past 30± years, you can expect to create very acceptable profits on your investments. Better yet, you will be able to create profits while providing much needed local affordable housing after the devastating Tubbs Fire in 2017.
While the price tag on residential investments is high compared to the national average, it doesn’t yet compare to the soaring prices in SF and the Bay Area. You can still find homes to flip/restore, lots to build on, luxury real estate investments, and gems in up & coming neighborhoods.
Homes (residences, investments & rentals), land, estates, and vineyards in Sonoma County are highly desirable. After all, Sonoma County is in the heart of California’s premier wine country with an enticing mix of proximity to San Francisco, residential appeal, coastal influence, viticulture tourism, and gorgeous landscapes.

Discover my top 3 reasons to invest in the Sonoma County Real Estate market…

1- Strong Economic Infrastructure

Top Reason to Invest in Sonoma County Real Estate

Sonoma County has a diverse economy that tends to bounce back well from corrections and recessions. We attract tourists from all around the globe to enjoy world renowned wineries, spas, restaurants, microbreweries, hotels/lodges, and outdoor activities. Beyond tourism and hospitality, we have a diverse agricultural sector, construction, creative arts, technology, manufacturing, financial, real estate, and healthcare. In fact, Santa Rosa is listed at CNBC as one of the top 6 cities in California where business is booming and salaries are rising.
Santa Rosa:

  • Personal income growth, 2012 to 2017: 28.6%
  • Population growth, 2012 to 2017: 4.2%
  • GDP increase, 2012 to 2017: 33.8%

2- Residential Desirability

Second Reason to Invest in Sonoma County Real Estate
The coastal influence brings a lovely Mediterranean climate that makes living here easy. Beyond the weather, commuters enjoy small town/city living with access to San Francisco and the East Bay. The combined influence of the Santa Rosa Junior College, Sonoma State University, and Empire College makes Sonoma County a higher-education stronghold. Plus residents enjoy this area for all the same reasons tourist flock here during the Summer months…
We enjoy the restaurants, farmer’s markets, community events, music venues, wineries, breweries, independent shops, and the incredible regional & state park system (to name a few). All of this residential desirability has created opportunities to invest in a growing luxury real estate market. And there are also plenty of opportunities to invest in new construction featuring contemporary & beautiful design with luxury features. These investments are increasing much-needed and highly desirable housing opportunities.
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Summed Up:

  • Location, Location, Location
  • Coastal Influence
  • Great Schools
  • Higher Education
  • Luxury Real Estate Market
  • New Construction To Increase Housing Opportunities

3- Wine Industry

Third Reason to Invest in Sonoma County Real Estate
The vineyard landscape, world renowned wineries and complementary restaurants have turned Sonoma County into an international tourist destination that rivals the best. This helps to create steady job growth and a strong infrastructure that increases residential desirability.
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